The history of hypnotherapy could well be written as the development of an approach for accessing and facilitating human potential. The days of believing the health of mind and body to be separate issues are long gone. We now understand that physical and psychological well being are inseparable. Based on this assumption it is possible to change those things perceived as problems in a natural, non-physical way and fast.

Anthony Jacquin is experienced in showing his clients how to achieve rapid and elegant change in their life. This is done using the unique state of hypnosis and making changes at an unconscious level.

Working with him you will discover how to:

  • Lose unnecessary habits, doubts and fears.

  • Gain the body you desire.

  • Put your feelings about the past behind you.

  • Improve performance in your business, personal and social life.

  • Master your emotions and take charge of your life.

  • Lift depression...fast.
This approach to changing your life is not analytical and does not involve weeks or months of talking about the past. Instead we establish what you want and use hypnosis to help you get it.

At the clinic, he specialises in brief, solution-focused hypnotherapy. That means that we will focus on problem-solving and your future, rather than counselling, analysis or exploration. The therapy will always have a well defined goal.

For specific problems he often treats clients for one or two sessions only, and where a longer treatment is required, sessions rarely number more than 3 to 8. This is usually in cases where someone seeks ongoing personal development, has multiple issues they wish to deal with or depression. It is always made clear in the first session how long he expects treatment to take.

Hypnotherapy is used in conjunction with other cognitive, and behavioural approaches, which just means looking at how you think, and what you do around the problem.

If you wish to swiftly change unwanted behaviours in yourself, gain confidence and motivation, lose your fears and achieve your physical and mental potential then Anthony Jacquin can show you how to.

Although principally based in Derby, Anthony also works from Nottingham and will consider travelling to his clients in certain circumstances.

Contact him privately with any questions you have or to book a consultation.

To get in touch you can email Anthony directly at enquiries@anthonyjacquin.com call 0800 0936 587 during weekday office hours or simply use our online contact form.